Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 17 layout and Composition

Last summer, I signed up for and took a fantastic online photography class called "Snapshots of a Good Life" by Karen Russell. It was a 10 week course during which I learned a TON. However, photography is a constant work in progress, and since I have the materials for life, I figured I'd go through and take the class again (although this time without the instructor for constructive criticism). My current assignment is on "composition." (I feel composition is one of my weakest areas as a photographer).

This morning we to an impromptu family trip to the park. Jack brought his scooter and Brayden brought his bike. The boys enjoyed riding around the play area, and they also spent a lot of time on the swings. I spent a lot of time running around like a crazy lady with a camera, practicing my composition. I got a lot of shots I didn't like, some that were okay, and a couple of really good ones. This is one of my favorites - an experiment in "creative cropping." It's Jack practicing pumping his legs on the swings, from behind.

I also (miracle!) already finished my week 17 layout! I went with an Earth Day theme... I think Jack will love it. :)

Credits: Kit is Happy Earth Day To You by Plum Dumpling Designs; Template is by Andrea Gold; Font is Joyful Juliana.

Click to see a little bigger. :) And have a great Sunday evening! I will now be spending my evening catching up on some PAPER scrapbooking - ack!

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