Friday, April 17, 2009

Catching up

Since finishing Carter's cross stitch a few days ago, I've been spending this week catching up on various things. First I had to catch up on editing photos to post on my facebook page - it'd been a month and a half since I'd put photos up there. (I post ALL the photos there... not just the one a day from here... so if you're my facebook friend - go look at my pictures there!) Now I'm catching up on the blog. Next I plan to catch up on my project 365 layouts (three weeks now!). I have other various things to get done too... before I start my next major project... my scrapbooks. I'm only about six years behind. I'm avoiding this one... Rob says by the time I catch up on everything else, I'll find a new project to work on to put off the scrapbooking again. :)

Anyway. Yesterday's moment of the day is one that happened when I did not have my camera with me. The picture in my head is of Jack and his BFF Jaxon walking up the staircase at their school to the street where we park. It was raining, and Jaxon brought his umbrella. They were walking together, holding the umbrella together. Total sweetness.

So since I missed that moment on film, I was disappointed and didn't feel like taking pictures later in the day. Consequently, Rob decided to pick up the camera and attempt to get creative. Granted I had to delete a lot of the photos that were blurry and out of focus - but he did get some really good shots! Particularly this one of Brayden... very well composed, good use of the rule of thirds, awesome focus on the close eye, good catchlights, and an emotionally great moment with Brayden! As always, I love those big brown eyes!

And then, the difference a day makes.It's never a good sign when the little guy wakes up with an eye looking like THIS. His eyelid was all puffy and swollen. I debated for a good part of the morning about whether or not this was something that warranted a trip to the doctor. I took this picture to send to Rob at work who immediately replied - that's not right, you should get him in. Part of the reason for my debate is the 2 feet of snow we are theoretically getting between today and tomorrow. Anyway ultimately I got him in for an appointment just to get it checked out. It wasn't red inside his eye at all, didn't seem to be bothering him, but it just LOOKED wrong. Turns out, he has a sty under his eyelid. Bummer. Nothing to do to treat it... just warm compresses (which he won't sit for) and eyedrops in case there is bacteria in there (which he hates). Good times! It got redder and more swollen outside as the day went on. Still didn't bother him one bit though - it just LOOKS miserable!

And as for the snow... we've got a solid six slushy inches out there. It rained, then snowed, then rained, then snowed... and snowed... I know there's more snow in other parts of the state, but it ain't over yet... it's supposed to keep coming through tomorrow.

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