Monday, April 06, 2009

Happy birthday Jack!!!

It's official... we have a five-year-old in the house! (Okay if you want to get technical it's not till 9:33pm tonight!) Jack was so excited for his birthday! Yesterday he woke up saying, "This is my last day to be 4!" And today of course was "It's my birthday! I'm 5 now!" Big boy. We had a very simple day, but I think he enjoyed it. Rob took the day off from work so he could spend some time with the birthday boy because he had class this evening. Early in the day we opened presents... Jack got his much desired police car, some more tracks for his hot wheels, and he and Brayden got tracing books to practice their letters and numbers and stuff. Brayden had a MASSIVE meltdown as Jack opened his gifts... and I clearly remember Jack doing the exact same thing on Brayden's 1st birthday when he was this age (3). Brayden just wanted Jack's gifts... not just what was in the package, but to do the unwrapping, etc. Jack was not really deterred and enjoyed anyway. Thankfully, Brayden got over it pretty quickly. Jack chose Wendy's pickup for lunch, and after lunch we had cake. Jack wanted cupcakes so that's what he got! Grandma also came over for cake and brought presents too... a lego set and the game Candyland! Also big hits! After quiet time the boys played some Wii with Daddy before he had to go to class. We ordered pizza for dinner and even though I offered the boys ice cream sundaes for dessert, they opted for a piece of candy instead. Nothing very eventful to report from the rest of the night... Jack was just thrilled to have a day that was all about him!

And just for fun... I put together a little retrospective of pictures of our big boy!
Jack Thomas Roe
April 6, 2004
8lbs 3oz, 20 inches

First day home from the hospital!

Age 1
Age 2

Age 3

Age 4

Happy Happy birthday buddy! We love you so much!

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