Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recycle truck day!

As I mentioned last week - Tuesday is garbage truck and recycle truck day. The garbage truck comes every week as we are getting ready for school, then the recycle truck comes every other week, and an hour or so later in the morning... during the time we are often at the grocery store. Again for the past week, we have been counting down to garbage truck and recycle truck day. Again this morning... we were out in the driveway WAITING for the garbage truck, but it never showed up before we had to leave for school. I was afraid that would happen, so I put off my regularly scheduled grocery store trip so we could see the recycle truck. And oh, was Brayden soooo happy that we did! The highlight being that the recycle truck man said hi and waved to Brayden before he left. Phew!

And now... time to start the countdown to the next visits from the garbage and recycle trucks!

A final shout out for tonight to Chris and Sarah, who found out today the little peanut due in September is a boy! Yay for another little nephew! :)

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Amy said...

Cute picture!

We stalk the trucks in our neighborhood, too!