Friday, September 25, 2009

1996 (09.24)

In the spirit of cleaning out the junk from our house, I went through a box of old e-mails from 1996 today before throwing them all away. I had many good laughs in the process, especially at this “Deer Danielle” letter from Tony. Funny stuff.

Jack and Noah (09.23)

Sarah, Kate and Noah came over today so I could help Sarah get started on making a blanket. Jack finally decided he was ready to hold baby Noah! Sadly, Noah was not that into it at the time, so it didn’t last long. But still, they were so cute!

Hot chocolate party (09.22)

Our neighbors had a “hot chocolate” party for the kids... a way to celebrate the change of seasons... it’s been a cold week in Colorado! Brayden was so excited to go, he was literally HANGING from the door.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The guys (09.21)

The boys are really into their "guys" right now - that is, the little man figures that came with all of their trucks. The guys are becoming more important than the trucks for the first time ever! Earlier today we discovered there were only 7 guys, which meant someone would have 4, and someone 3, and that's not fair. (Or, "dat is NOT DARE!" as Brayden says). There is another one... but he's lost. Devastating. They ultimately problem-solved and decided to put one away so they'd each have three. Good boys. Then as luck would have it, I was cleaning their boxes of toys in the garage today and found a different guy. Back to four each. Happy days are here again. Here the boys have their guys lined up facing each other, and knocking each other down. Boys are great.

Week 38 Layout!!!!!!

YAY!!! I caught up! (Not including the fact that I have yet to take a picture today). Much faster than I expected I would, too! Here's the last layout for at least a week. I'm gonna try and slow down on the blog front for fear of burning out me 3 readers after the past week's catch up! :)

Click to see bigger............

Credits: Kit is Urban Baby by Lisa Whitney; Font is Pea Susela; Template is by M Originals

Week 37 Layout

Almost there!

Click to see bigger....
Credits: Twinkle Toes by Miss Mint (one of my all time favorite kits!); Template by Lindsay Jane Designs; Font is Pea Carol

Week 36 Layout

Two left! (Because I finished another week before I managed to finish this layout!) In any case, here's week 36 (click to see bigger):

Credits: Kit is Bayadere by Miss Vivi; Template by Simply Yin; Font is Pea Darlin' Deb

Tomatoes (09.20)

When visiting the Martin’s Friday, Uncle Chris helped the boys pick some tomatoes from his plants. They weren’t quite ripe yet, so Chris instructed them put them in the sun so they’d red-up. Here are Jack’s tomatoes in our window, as instructed. (Brayden’s are red, Jack’s are getting less green!)

Goober (09.19)

I was gone for the night at Scrap Mania, so I commissioned Rob with the task of taking a photo (since I hadn’t yet). Here’s a gem he snapped of Brayden in his sunglasses (which he’s obsessed with right now!) and green hat, playing piano and singing. He is such a little goober!

Baby Noah (09.18)

Rob had the day off work, so after Jack got out of school, we all went over to visit the Martin’s - Jack and Brayden had yet to meet baby Noah. Took two weeks! They were so happy to finally see their newest baby cousin. Jack was a little distracted with toys and stuff, but Brayden definitely wanted to hold baby Noah. He is going to make such a great big brother someday.

(Too bad I'm a dope and forgot to change my ISO so all the cute pix I snapped are grainy grainy grainy!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Storytime (09.17)

A generally undocumented part of every day... storytime before bed. Lately Rob has been doing the majority of the work at bedtime. I appreciate the break after the long days with the boys. And I think he likes the one-on-one time with them since he doesn’t get to see them all day.

Week 35 Layout

Three down, two to go! Yay!

Click to see bigger....

Credits: Kit is Chirpi Delight by Victoria Greenlees; Template by M Originals; Font is Irezumi

Week 34 Layout

Two down, three to go!

Click to see bigger:

Credits: Kit is Fresh Linens by Paislee Press; Font is Ian Jude; Stitching is by Christine Nash; Template by Lindsay Jane Designs

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 33 Layout

A layout! Woo hoo! One down, four to go I think?

Click to see bigger...

Credits: Kit is Spontaneous Delight by Carrie Stephens; Font is Garamond; Template by M Originals

Mall trip (09.16)

Grandma (my mom) is going out of town again, so we decided to meet her at the mall after the boys’ flu shots this evening to have dinner and hang out for awhile. While the boys were goofing around by the fountains, I suggested a quick picture, and they were actually happy to cooperate! Finally a good shot of the boys with their Grandma!

Bye Mom! Have a safe, fun trip!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Homework (09.15)

At Red Hawk Ridge Elementary, homework starts in kindergarten. And there’s a lot of it! Jack and I spent about 20-30 mins every day working on homework before he has some quiet time. It’s overwhelming for me... but thankfully, he really enjoys it - so far!

Me and my sweet boy (09.14)

The boys were taking turns playing card games with Daddy, and Brayden was really upset when it wasn’t his turn, so I was holding him trying to cheer him up. When it was Brayden’s turn, Jack decided he wanted to cuddle too, just for fun. My little sweetie. Daddy snapped a picture.

"The Immaculate Deflection" (09.13)

The beginning of the football season is officially here, and Rob couldn’t be happier. First, his CSU Rams defeated my CU Buffs last Sunday night (much to Jack’s disappointment - he was rooting for the Buffs). Then today was the Bronco’s regular season opener. In the last moments, the Bengal’s scored, and the game was all but over. Until the “Immaculate Deflection” and a completely unexpected Bronco’s touchdown when all hope seemed loss. Rob’s reaction was classic, and I was so glad the camera was handy! I was pretty sure his heart was going to burst with joy!

Movie night (09.12)

We weren’t home on Friday night, so movie night moved to Saturday night. And movie night has definitely evolved into always involving picnic dinner. I had gotten my haircut earlier in the afternoon, and picked up chinese food on my way home. Yum! The boys usually love chinese, but they were way too involved in Dumbo to eat. There were plenty of REAL laughs throughout, and Brayden seemed to like the sound of his laugh so much, he kept FAKE laughing through much of the movie. What a monkey.

Visitors (09.11)

This week my Uncle Jerry (Mom’s brother) and his wife (well, ex-wife, but they’re together) my Aunt Josie were visiting Colorado from Florida. We got to visit with them for a little while on Wednesday night for dinner, and then they came over to our house for awhile on Friday. Chris took Uncle Jerry out to the driving range, and Aunt Josie sat and read books with the boys for the longest time. They were so cute together - too bad the light was terrible! It was really good to see both of them, too... it had been almost 3 years!

Sewing machine (09.10)

With all the sewing projects (well, just taggies) I’ve been working on lately, I had been using my neighbor’s sewing machine. Two weekends ago, we drove to Arvada to get Rob’s mom’s old sewing machine (and table) which she no longer uses. It needed a lot of work as the smell of cigarette smoke has completely penetrated all pieces of the table and the sewing machine itself. However, I spent my quiet time cleaning it up and trying to get the smell out, and I’m happy to report that it is up and running!

Cross stitch! (09.09)

One of the many projects I’ve been working on is this (my tradition!) birth record cross stitch for my newest nephew, Noah. The really exciting thing about this one is that I designed part of the pattern myself, which is something I’ve never done before! Since Noah’s nursery is nautical themed, and I couldn’t find any nautical themed cross stitches, I designed my own sailboat and anchor patterns for two of the four squares of this set I bought! I hope it looks cute in Noah’s room. :)

Noah Christopher - 4 days old (09.08)

Chris and Sarah gave me complete “creative license” to practice some newborn photo ideas I have had in my head forever (with no subject!) on Noah. Newborn photography is HARD though... waiting for these precious little angels to fall asleep hard enough to move them around without making them mad! It only took about two feedings for Noah to get him good and cooperative. I have so many more ideas, but I absolutely love some of the shots I got of him at 4-days-old, especially this one!

Garlic herb chicken con broccoli (09.07)

Dinner Saturday night was at the Olive Garden... yummmmm. We brought home quite a bit of leftovers, so when Rob and the boys went to a Labor Day BBQ at Aunt Connie’s without me (so I could have some quiet time at home), I finished off the leftovers for my dinner. The garlic herb chicken con broccoli was not QUITE as good the 2nd time around, but I still enjoyed it. And it looked delicious.

Rockies vs. Diamondbacks (09.06)

At long last, we took the boys to their first Rockies game! Jack was SO excited! We rode the Light Rail downtown, walked to the stadium, bought popcorn, and found our seats in the Rockpile. About 2 innings in it started to rain so we walked around the sheltered areas, saw Dinger the Triceratops, and watched some of the game closer up. Before leaving in the 5th, we saw several home runs, a stolen base, strikeouts, and even a double play - all for OUR team! Rockies beat the Diamondbacks, 13-5!

Tiny Town (09.05)

Our Roe clan, plus Grandma Janet and Kate (while her Daddy and Mommy were still in the hospital with baby Noah), met the Easter clan (minus Mike, plus Grandma Brenda) at Tiny Town. Rob, a Colorado native, and myself, close enough to a native, had never been to this little treasure of a place in the foothills, close to my old home in Evergreen, before today. The kids all loved the miniature buildings (especially the Fed Ex one!) and the two different trains. They even had a picnic area and park for lunchtime. I have a feeling we’ll be back.

Welcome Noah Christopher! (09.04)

Welcome to the world, Noah Christopher! My brother Chris and his wife Sarah went into the hospital this morning for a scheduled induction, but Noah was planning to be born today one way or another, Sarah was already in labor. At 8lbs 4oz and 22 inches long, he’s a big boy! Kate is a very proud and cute big sister, and Rob and I went to visit our new nephew before going out to dinner. He’s perfectly precious and we’re so glad he is here!

Playroom disaster (09.03)

The playroom is a wreck! I can’t even walk across the room. Now that Jack regularly has his quiet time in there, he ransacks the place! Not only that, but he doesn’t pick anything up when his quiet time is done. I was starting to having anxiety just opening the door, especially trying to get to the window to open it... so today I started working on cleaning up the mess! Packing toys away, cleaning, and organizing everything! This is before... hopefully a completed after shot is coming soon!

Big wheel (09.02)

Today Brayden decided to ride his big wheel to school to pick Jack up. Not fun. He rides forward a few feet FAST, then just puts on the breaks and stops. And has to be encouraged to start going again. I guess it’s better than listening to him while for the whole walk. And as for why there have been no pictures of Jack lately... he’s just been grouchy about having his photo taken. When he’s agreeable, it turns out much nicer. Hopefully later this week!

Oliver Edward (09.01)

On August 24, my friend Stephanie and her husband Adam welcomed their first baby, Oliver Edward, into the world. Today Sarah, Kate and I went to meet baby Oliver while Jack and Brayden were in school. He slept the whole time. And he is such a cutie! Two days in a row of holding beautiful new babies makes my uterus ache for another little one. But not yet! Later this week... baby Noah will be here!

Claire Elisabeth (08.31)

On August 27, my photographer friend Farrah gave birth to a surprise baby girl, Claire Elisabeth. She invited myself and another photographer friend over on Monday to take newborn picture of baby Claire with some of her fun props. She has the best set-up and so many fantastic props and ideas! Claire didn’t want to sleep, but we still managed to get some super cute shots, including this one of baby Claire in an egg basket - isn’t she precious?

Taggies! (08.30)

I finished my first two taggies - one for baby Claire, one of baby Oliver. It was so fun to make something pink and girlie for Claire, and I was so happy with how my palm tree applique turned out for Oliver’s! These taggies are just way too much fun to make... as a result I’ve fallen way behind on all my other projects!

Little angel (08.29)

We had a BBQ at mom’s house with the family on Saturday, just for fun. The kids all had a great time playing, the food was yummy, the company was great, and I got to visit and cuddle with my dear little nephew, Carter! Isn’t he just angelic? Hard to believe he is already almost 5 months old! Time flies!

Brayden's spot (08.28)

Brayden’s usual spot on the couch, and another shot of his cute feet. I just couldn’t resist them when he pulled off his socks and stuck his feet out over the edge of the couch, wearing those cute jeans with the frayed bottoms! It’s sad to think that his little feeties won’t be this cute forever!

New project (08.27)

I’ve started working on a new project (obsession?)... involving receiving blankets, hand sewing, and lots of ribbon! I’m making taggies! My wonderful neighbor taught me how to make them, and now I’m going crazy! What started as one blanket for my nephew-on-the-way has turned into three blankets for new babies of friends and family!

Cousins (08.26)

We headed downtown today to try and take Kate’s 2-year-old photos. She was not interested in sitting still, but we still got some cute shots of both her and the boys. Fave shot of the day though was Kate and Brayden walking to the car, holding hands. :)

I'm back! (08.25)

PHEW! After completely neglecting my project 365 for several weeks (and instead sewing up a storm and cleaning like a madwoman), I spent the past two days choosing photos for the past 3-ish weeks that I was behind on blogging. I still have a photo for every day! Now I'm going to blog them... cuz I know you are just dying to see them all, right? Ha ha... well, maybe not, but I am committed so I'm going to do it like it or not! And, because posting more than one photo in a post is kind of a pain in the neck and I have a TON of photos, for the sake of saving ME time, I'm going to post each photo in a seperate post. Probably a pain to scroll through, but what can you do. I'll try and number them and add dates or something like that, to make it a little easier, in case you happen to be REALLY invested (which I can't imagine is anyone but me! - but still!). With that....

My last blog photo was August 24, so here we go with August 25, a Tuesday.
Oh... the hardest part about dieting and trying to lose weight... the ice cream. Rob and I both LOOOVE ice cream. Especially Breyer’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. It was on sale so I bought some even though we are trying to give it up. So instead, we eat it in very small portions. Oh how we wish our metabolisms were the same as when we were in our teens and early 20’s! Then we could have all the ice cream we wanted!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Will I ever blog again????

Probably... but I have no clue when. I am buried. Claustrophobic in my own home and trying to de-clutter and make what little space we have more functional. Buried in photos from my many fun photo shoots the past few weeks (all personal... but still LOTS of pictures!) Projects... new projects and old projects! School, errands, keeping the boys busy... there's just a lot going on. I have a to-do list a mile long! One of the things on that list is catching up on my Project 365. I'm actually only about a week behind... but I'm overwhelmed! Hopefully I can start to unbury myself soon, and blog all about it. :) Just wanted to check in and say "hey!" :)