Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Early blogger

Look at me, blogging before 8pm! What's the special occasion you may ask? Well I took the picture I knew I wanted to use early in the day today for one. And tonight I'll have an extra monkey in my house so I expect my hands will be full and I won't get the chance to blog later.

A couple of weeks ago I shared the cross stitch I made for my then newest nephew, Patrick (or PK). Since then we've had another new baby join the family, little Carter Ryan. Last night I *finally* finished the cross stitch for him! It didn't help that he was born a week early. ;-) But in all seriousness, this cross stitch took me MUCH longer than they usually do... there has just been too much going on the past few weeks! It was well worth the wait though, I'm so thrilled with how it turned out! I hope it's a nice addition to his cute little jungle-themed nursery!

Today I also decorated a 2nd round of cupcakes for Jack's class - he's snack helper again tomorrow, and I don't *think* school will be snowed out this time! This also marks probably the 5th time in a month that I've decorated some kind of cake or pastry! Yeah, I'm never that domestic. This is like a new era in my life or something. In any case, in case there's no opportunity to photograph the cupcake goodness for my 365 album tomorrow, here's a peek. I used a simpler frosting method for this round of cupcakes! Cute just the same though. :-)

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