Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another crazy Sunday...

We started the day off at home for the morning... then hit the road to go to Madeline's 3rd birthday party. The boys had a great time playing outside... basketball, bikes, and bubbles! And yes - OUTSIDE! Much of the past three days' snow has all melted off already. Gotta love Colorado spring storms. Actually Mollie's house got considerably less snow than ours, but our house is pretty well melted, too! It was a GORGEOUS day! And I think Madeline had a fun birthday and birthday party! We had fun too!

From the birthday party we headed over to Kelly and Marcia's - they were having an open house to celebrate their new guy PK, who was being baptized at mass later in the afternoon. The boys had fun with their cousins and I got in some good snuggle time with PK - always one of my priorities! He's already a little smiler - so cute!

And finally, it was off to mass for the baptism! Jack sat with Grandpa and they were so cute together all through mass! Brayden was just tuckered out from the busy day with no nap and actually fell asleep on Rob's lap during mass. Eventually he got passed to me and that kiddo is HEAVY! Not like holding a little sleeping baby... he was like a ton of bricks! But it was still nice to cuddle him since he doesn't do that too much anymore!

Now it's late... the boys are crashed and it's back to the grind (school for Jack, work and school for Rob) tomorrow. I'm not ready for another week already! Hopefully will have that week 16 layout done tomorrow, too! :) Night night!

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