Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and back to school

Happy Easter! The boys were very excited for the Easter bunny to come, and consequently were awake before 6:00am on Sunday morning. Thankfully they stayed in their room and gave us a LITTLE bit of a break. We had to get up early anyway for church, so we headed them off as they left their room around 6:30, so we could all check together if the Easter bunny had come. Sure enough he did, and left lots of little goodies for all of us! We are now way overstocked on chocolate and candy! The boys of course were so excited to check out their loot and spent the day pretty much sugared up! It was a good day though, from start to finish!

Today signaled the end of spring break... back to school for Jack. Back to school is a good thing and a bad thing... good thing because the boys were at each others' throats and needed a break from each other! A bad thing because it means getting up and moving early and running around and all that not-so-fun stuff. While Jack was at school Brayden was more pleasant than he'd been in days! Jack was tired heading off to school from the late night before, but I think he was happy to get back to his teachers and school friends! Then when they were reunited, they got along great! I'm not sure WHAT they were doing, but the boys kept sitting on each others' chests and trying to "squish their lungs" or something like that. In any case, it was funny and cute!

So on a digital scrapbooking note... I'm still behind! Never finished last week's layout, and now this week's layout is set up but needs all the finishing touches as well! I knew I would get behind like this eventually... last week was one of the crazy busiest weeks we've had in awhile... I'm hoping things start settling down and can finish these layouts up ASAP!

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