Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A new era of toys....

For Jack's birthday yesterday, he got a small set of legos from Grandma. We've had lots of blocks before but never a lego set that can be assembled into something cool like a firetruck. They both played with the legos quite a bit today, so when Jack asked to go to Toys R Us this afternoon to spend some of his birthday money (or his birthday "dollars" as he calls them!) I steered them toward the lego sets. Of course all they REALLY wanted to look at was cars, but when we did look at the cars, even they started to realize they have almost everything cars! When we checked out the lego stuff they both found plenty of stuff they like... it's a little above their heads yet... but it's new and different and I welcome it! So when we got home tonight, after dinner, Rob put together the new lego cars for the boys. Not all of them were done before the boys' bedtime, so he put together the rest after they went to bed and set them up on the table for them, ready to play with in the morning!

Of course tomorrow they won't have TOO much time to play with them because we are going to take advantage of the nice weather tomorrow and go to the zoo with my BF and her kiddies. This week has been CRAZY busy already and shows no signs of slowing down! Lots of stories to share already but it's late so I'll have to save some of those for another day! :)

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