Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Jack has been picking up lots of "green" tips from various shows on Playhouse Disney and Noggin... and maybe from school too, but he said they didn't talk about Earth Day at school today. Not sure I believe that. Anyway. He's all concerned with turning off lights, tvs, water, etc... when not being used! Which is great. :) He also has a thing for counting down to every holiday and major event in his life, so today - Earth Day - was much anticipated! We played on the playground for a little while after school, during which time Jack ran around and picked up some of the trash he saw laying around (there is frequently quite a bit of trash - some of the older kids have snack time during their recess, and let's just say, they aren't great about making sure it's picked up). There were no trash cans out so we ended up taking a bunch of trash to our car to throw away at home. We also found a plethora of water bottles and even liquor bottles (Seriously!? At an elementary school!?) which we could bring home and recycle. When we got home, we took a short walk around our parking area in search of more trash. Then after quiet time we took a walk around the neighborhood to clean up for Earth Day - Jack's idea. The boys each got a trash bag, and Jack collected trash we found that could be recycled, and Brayden collected just plain trash. We ended up in a field behind our townhome complex where it seems a lot of people choose to "throw out" some of their trash. We had a nice talk about littering - Jack just doesn't understand why people can't just throw their garbage away in the can! Honestly... neither can I! Anyway, just a nice little proud Mommy moment. I hope his environmental awareness continues! :)

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