Sunday, April 05, 2009

Special Agent Oso

This weekend a new show premiered on Playhouse Disney. This is always a big deal in our house, as the boys love new shows, and they love Playhouse Disney. Several times during the weekend they wanted to watch another episode of “Special Agent Oso” and all other activity stopped while they watched. Here they are totally wrapped up in an episode, with their blankies of course. (Jack is an index finger sucker, and Brayden a thumb sucker).

Gonna be late again on this week's layout... spent my free time today doing other things... first birthday present shopping for Jack this afternoon, then this evening baking and decorating cupcakes (again!), decorating the living room, and wrapping presents for Jack's big day tomorrow! Rob is taking the day off tomorrow so he can spend some time with the birthday boy since he has class tomorrow night. We're all excited for the extended weekend, and for Jack's big day! All day today Jack was reminding us that today was his last day to be 4! (Where has my baby gone!?!?!)

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