Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bad blogger

I've been a blog slacker this week. I'm surprise I'm actually getting this done right now, to be honest. But here I am, attempting to catch up! I'm also getting behind on my 365 scrapbook but since I'm nearly done with my other big "project" of the moment... I hope to catch up before I get further behind!

Anyway! We finally got go to see Carter again this week - he was already 8 days old when we went to Ryan and Pam's house on Friday! He's a cutie patootie no doubt, and Auntie Danielle got lots of cuddle time! Much to my surprise, after awhile, Jack asked if HE could hold baby Carter. Considering he doesn't usually even want to go NEAR babies, this was quite surprising! With Ryan and Pam's permission, I set Jack up on the couch with Carter. He did so good! He didn't want to put him down, actually! Brayden joined in on the action eventually, and they kind of held him together. Brayden was so cute checking Carter out... his nose, mouth, hands, hair, etc. After awhile Jack had had enough, and then Brayden wanted to hold on his own for awhile. They were all so cute. It was a nice picture for me of what life might be like should we have another baby... the boys will both be great big brothers! :)

Tonight we did our annual dyeing of the Easter eggs - always messy and fun! We invited Chris, Sarah and Kate over to join us - this was Kate's first Easter egg dyeing experience. The kids all had a great time. Jack was sad when we ran out of eggs! The particular brand of dye we used this year dyed Jack's hand a crazy shade of green - it looked like he had an Incredible Hulk hand. Thankfully most of it washed off.

Time to go fill the Easter baskets for the kiddos and then head to bed! Happy (almost!) Easter!

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