Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Garbage truck day

In our neighborhood, Tuesday is garbage truck day. It's also the notoriously windiest day of the week. But that's not the point. Brayden was very eagerly anticipating garbage truck day this week. It's a big event for the boys every week, but for whatever reason, Brayden was REALLY looking forward to it this week. He also really wanted to see the "cee-rycle" (recycle) truck come, even though I told him at least 100 times that the recycle truck doesn't come until NEXT WEEK. As the boys were getting ready for school they heard the garbage truck in the neighborhood, as they always do. We went outside a good 15 minutes before it was time to leave to take Jack to preschool, WAITING for the garbage truck. Alas, they saw the truck coming. Much to our dismay, the garbage truck then turned before our part of the complex (we live in a townhome) to pick up OTHER PEOPLES' GARBAGE. Utter devastation. Actually they handled it okay, until we could wait no longer for the truck to come back around to our house and pick up our garbage, because we were already going to be late for school from waiting. Brayden cried the whole way to school. That is, after I literally DRAGGED him to the car and pinned him in his seat to buckle him in. Not only did he cry, but he screeched and sobbed and made the most pathetic noises almost until we parked the car. He just didn't understand that we HAD to go and we'd MISS the garbage truck picking up our garbage, and that the recycle truck WASN'T coming this week. I felt bad for him, but what could I do? At this point, mostly just hoping we DON'T miss the garbage truck next week! (And hoping we don't have to build up to it every day between now and then!)

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