Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blog #3 for the day

Sick of me yet?The idea for today's photo came from Rob. I took a few photos earlier in the day (some not so interesting ones of our nearly foot of snow outside, for instance) but nothing I wanted to use. Rob suggested I attempt some bathtime photos... then he came up with the creative idea. The boys' cars lined up on the ledge of the tub. Yes, the boys' obsession with cars even carries over into the bathtub. These are their bathtub cars, which are usually lined up on the ledge here... often driven around underwater, drawn on with bath crayons, and generally loved and abused. Bathtime really is one of their favorite times of day, and they have so many different creative games they play and have made up while in the tub together. :)

On another note, Brayden's eye is much better today... it still looks awful, but the swelling has gone down a ton. Now it's mostly just red all around. And thankfully it still doesn't seem to be bothering him much.

Now I was thinking earlier that I'd probably have my layout for this week tomorrow done to post tomorrow night, but realistically, it may be a day or two. Tomorrow is an extremely busy day with a birthday party, an open house, and a baptism to attend. All the while skipping naps and quiet time for the boys, so they should be completely overtired and cranky by the end of the day! So we'll see if the LO gets finished or not!

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