Saturday, April 04, 2009

Boys boys boys!

Not only do I have my own two boys, but so many of our friends and family have all boys or some boys, too! We spent the past two days hanging out with a bunch of those boys!

Yesterday morning my BF Castara called us up hoping we could meet up for a last minute playdate. Of course! We decided just to meet at one of our regular spots during the cooler months... Cherry Creek mall. They have a fantastic play area which is great for littler and bigger kids alike! The boys all seemed to have a good time, and we mommies managed to get in some conversation around their craziness! The highlight of this trip though seemed to be the fountain... we used to go throw pennies in the fountain all of the time, till the boys started getting out of control playing in the water and ended up soaked and needing changes of clothes... hence trips to Children's place to buy dry clothes because we hadn't brought any... etc etc. So we kind of started just passing the fountain without stopping to avoid the wet mess! This trip we stopped though, thinking maybe the kids were older enough now to stay dry. That lasted about five minutes. :) They had a great time splashing around the water... and Jack and Kadin stayed MOSTLY dry. Brayden, however, was soaked! Thankfully I pack a dry set of clothes in the car just in case now. :)
Another group of boys we spend a ton of time with is the neighborhood boys! In our little corner of the neighborhood there is a group of six boys all close in age (Brayden the youngest at 3, Linus our neighbor the oldest at almost 6). Not only are they close in age, but they all have birthdays in March and April. Three in March, three in April! We thought this was just such a crazy cool coincidence, considering the boys were all buddies anyway. So we moms decided it would be fun to have a group birthday party for the six of them to celebrate together. We had that party today, and five of the six boys made it (below: Jack, almost 5; Linus, almost 6; Oliver, 4; Marcelo, almost 5; Brayden, 3). The boys all had a great time playing games, opening presents, breaking open a pinata, and of course, eating cake!

Here the boys are preparing to blow out the candles on their cake (which features a collage of the five of them). NO CLUE what Brayden is doing, squeezing his eyes shut! I think he thought maybe it was supposed to be a surprise or something? Anyway it was super cute, and we all had a lot of fun. :)

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