Monday, March 30, 2009


For their birthdays (at their birthday party), the boys got these bouncy balls with handles that you sit on to bounce from their Aunt Katie (and family). They LOVE them, and bounced around the living room on them throughout the day today (and yesterday!). Better yet, late this afternoon, they would bounce across the room on them toward me on the couch, then stop and give me nice smiles, and let me take their pictures! I got several great shots of both of them... yay for them sitting still and me nailing my focus (for once!). And yay for great smiles and good times, too! Thank you Aunt Katie!


Amy said...

OK, so I'm trying to get your boys straight. This picture is of Brayden, right? Who is the 'current' troublemaker in your home? (I say current, because it's always changing in our house!) I'm guessing Brayden...he has a special 'twinkle' in his eyes! :) Cute picture!

Danielle said...

Yes - this is Brayden! He's the 3-yr-old. And he is without question the current troublemaker! In fact, he's kind of always been the main troublemaker. He definitely has the worse attitude at the moment though. I like to say I live with an instigator and a tattle tale. Brayden is NO DOUBT the instigator! He absolutely does have that glint of trouble in his eyes - always! :)