Saturday, March 07, 2009

New sleeping arrangements....

Look - I'm trying my hand at a creative title. :) Just wanted to share a couple of quick pictures from last night first... I snuck into the boys' room after they were sound asleep to sleep how they were doing with their new sleep setup. This is what I found... it's blurry because my camera's ISO maxes out at 1600 and I didn't want to risk a flash... so my shutter speed was pretty slow and I got some hand shake, especially on the picture of Brayden... but still cute enough to share.

Jack on the top bunk... I had to climb onto Brayden's bed to see him...

And Brayden on the bottom bunk... he started the night on top of the covers but I guess at some point Jack taught him how to get under the covers and sleep on the pillow. :)

Now March 7 - Brayden's first nap in the big boy bed. I realize Brayden seem to be monopolizing this week... guess it was the anticipation of the upcoming milestone, and then the last minute decision to just go for the big boy bed! I was of course nervous for his first nap outside of the confinement of the crib. All in all, I'd say it went well. He did come out of the room twice... the first time to tell me I forgot to hug and kiss his polar bear (which I have NEVER done before today). The second time it was to tell me he was all done... after 20 mins. Ummm... nope. So back to bed he went and he was not happy about it! But within a few minutes he was asleep. He was clearly tired... but change is hard, understandably. I'm not sure how long he would have slept if Jack hadn't loudly bounded down the stairs at 3pm when his quiet time is over. I could hear Brayden rustling around so I headed up to check on him... and brought my camera on the off chance that he was still sleeping. He wasn't... but when I walked in I caught him sitting up and rubbing his eyes... he'd just woken up.

We'll see how long the party lasts in their room tonight after bedtime... hopefully not TOO late!

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