Tuesday, March 03, 2009

March 3

I wanted to capture this sight because it's one I don't think we'll be seeing too much more of... and that is, Brayden in his crib. I know I've mentioned this recently that we are getting ready to make the big bed transition... Brayden out of the crib, and Jack up to the top bunk. Over the weekend we headed out to the furniture store where we bought our bunk beds to buy a ladder for the bunk bed (for whatever reason, at the time we bought the beds, we didn't feel it necessary to buy a ladder?). The end of the bed does work as a ladder, but not a great one. Anyway this isn't about the top bunk - it's about Brayden in the crib! He's so big, he'll be 3 two weeks from today! He's perfectly comfortable in his crib, cuddled up with all his animal friends (I counted awhile back but I can't remember... I know it's more than 20 stuffed animals in there with him though!). The crib setup is nice for Mommy and Daddy and Jack too... when Brayden wakes up, he's essentially trapped until someone gets him out! He's not going to be like his big brother and just sit nicely waiting for someone to tell him it's okay to get up now when he's no longer behind bars! Still, it's time to start thinking about giving him that freedom. When Brayden moves to his big boy bed, and we take the crib down, it'll be the end of the baby era in our house! There has been at least one crib set up for the past 5 years! When this crib is gone... that's that! At least until (if!) we have another baby.

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RobinV said...

So happy and yet so sad to see them growing up so fast!