Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snow day

These are the cupcakes I slaved over last night to bring to Jack's class today. Today was to be his last day of school before Spring Break. His birthday is over Spring Break so his class was going to celebrate it today. These cupcakes were also my excuse to practice my frosting technique because I'm attempting a fancy cake for their birthday party this weekend.
This is the scene I woke up to this morning.Yes, a big snowstorm was forecasted. But at 7am this morning I got up to get the boys ready for school, I saw dry sidewalks. I saw some snow on the grass. I did not even THINK that school would be cancelled. After all, it looked clear! As an afterthought, just after making breakfast and just before trying to wrestle the boys into their clothes, I checked the school district website - JUST IN CASE. I NEVER do this. Not unless the roads are questionable! But I did, and thank goodness for that. To my surprise, school was closed today. Jack was sooooo disappointed. I had to sit down and tell him that even though the roads were safe (at bedtime last night we talked about how if the roads were safe, we were going to school, but if the roads were dangerous, we'd have to stay home and not have his birthday at school - and he looked out the window first thing when he woke up and saw "safe" roads).... school was cancelled and we had to stay home. He looks at me heartbroken, saying "so I don't get to bring my show and tell to school? I don't get to bring my birthday cupcakes?" Poor thing. I felt terrible. Because as far as I could see, there was no good reason for there to be no school.

Well as the day goes on, yeah it's obvious that school was cancelled for good reason. Blizzard blew in strong between 11 and 12 in our part of town. We would have been able to get to and from preschool just fine, but big picture, kids who have school all day would have been in danger, so it's all good. And Jack got over it quickly. He knows we get to use the cupcakes for his birthday party, and that we will do his school birthday after Spring Break. Rob's office closed early - he left around 1 and got home a little after 2 (he works 15 mins from home). Things have slowed down at this point and pretty much that's that. Probably all will be back to normal by morning... good old Colorado spring storm!

And here's the view from my front porch at 7:30pm this evening - 12 hours after this morning's virtually snow-free scene. Still only about 4 inches of accumulation at our house though... much less than most other parts of town!

Happy Snow Day! Here's hoping it clears up enough that my dad's flight into town tomorrow is NOT cancelled! If I have to break Jack's heart again by telling him Grandpa isn't making it into town after all... I'm not sure I can take it! :)


Rochelle said...

What a day huh? They closed CU at 10 today and sent everyone home. You know it's bad when they do that. We woke up to a lot of snow here though, unlike where you live. I actually called in today to work from home and then it didn't matter. I know one co-worker that took her six hours to get home. So scary! I'm sorry Jack had to be disappointed :-( There's nothing worse than that.

Amber said...

The cupcake picture is freakin' awesome. Love It.