Sunday, March 15, 2009

I've got the Sunday night blues...

... and I'm falling behind on my P365 scrapbook. For this week anyway. I feel like it was a photographically boring week and I had to really dig deep to find ANYTHING to take a picture of! Hopefully next week will be more interesting.

I really don't like Sunday night. The beginning of a new week is always daunting. Back to school for Jack and Rob (except that Rob happens to be off school this week), back to work for Rob, back to the grind in general.

So here is the dog-pile, Roe style. The boys really love their stuffed dogs. They end up everywhere, and they're pretty constant companions. They are cleaner than real dogs. But sometimes when they are spread out around the living room I end up collecting them and piling them up on the couch. In this pile are two Sparkies, two Numbutts (yes, Numbutts), two Fluffies, a Syrup, a Slooshy, and another unnamed dog. Oh, and Snoopy. It's a regular dog party on the couch.

As for today... leftover night for dinner. Which for me means working to clean out the fridge. Two of us had leftovers, the other two just had random food that was in the house. Rob had chili. Brayden had bagel bites. Jack and I shared some leftover pizza... and I also heated up some mashed potatoes and chicken fingers from Old Chicago. When Rob saw my plate he grabbed the camera. And he scooted my half-full cup of coffee leftover from breakfast and scooted it into the frame to add to the humor of my gross dinner. I did NOT drink the coffee with dinner - I drank water! We really hate food - we're in such a food rut right now! I'd eat out for lunch and dinner every day if I could.

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