Monday, March 09, 2009

New toy!

Yesterday we got the Wii... today we bought our first new toy to go with it - Guitar Hero. We'd played Guitar Hero at my brother's recently... Rob and the boys really enjoyed it. We'd be interested in getting it ourselves but didn't have the game system... till yesterday. It just so happened that today was Rob's big huge LEED (don't ask me what that stands for cuz I don't know! I just know it's something with green building!) exam. He was so nervous and honestly, so was I. It was an expensive test, which he had a lot invested in passing... so we decided that if he passed, we could buy Guitar Hero. If he had to take it again... well, then Guitar Hero would have to wait!

He passed!

Which is not just exciting because of the Guitar Hero... but really I am so happy for Rob that he passed his test! He worked so hard studying for this test, so it would have been a travesty if he didn't pass! Yay Rob!

We also went out to dinner at Old Chicago's to celebrate... yum! Then we got home and set up the new game and we each played a couple of songs before getting the boys down for the night.... which is still kind of drama, by the way. Tonight Brayden fell off the bunk bed ladder AND rolled off the bed, in the span of 15 or so minutes... clearly they weren't working too hard to go to sleep!

And contrary to what you may think... Rob and I are not having a Guitar Hero marathon now that the boys are in bed! His quarter isn't quite over yet... while passing this test completes one of his classes... he has another project to complete for his other class.... so I've been watching the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars while Rob has been doing his homework. And searching for a template for this week's P365 layout... I can't find anything I like!

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