Friday, March 13, 2009

Living room chaos

LOOK! I made my blog pretty! I have plans for even more blog prettiness but this is a start. Thanks Amber for the link! :)

So we live in a pretty tiny home. In our tiny home we have big furniture. There is precious little space for play for the boys. Some people have play rooms. We have a living/dining/play room. Okay we actually do have a play room upstairs but the boys much prefer to be downstairs and they do not mind spreading out. We have blocks and cars and tools on the ottoman. We have tools and stuffed animals and blankets on the couches. We have more tools and stuffed animals and cars and trains and toy zoo animals and race trains and trucks and dinsoaurs and put together puzzles and stray puzzle pieces all over the floor. We have trucks and little figures on the table. Cards on the counters. Various toys stuffed between the couch cushions. Their stuff is everywhere. And while the mess spread out everywhere drives me a little bit crazy, the boys are content to just walk right over around and through it without a second though! It's a miracle no one has tripped and fallen and been seriously injured yet!

What you see is really all of the space the boys have for play (not including the dining room table just outside of the left of the frame - man I wish I had a wider angle lens!). Today they very successfully covered pretty much the entire living space downstairs. We can't wait till someday when we have a bigger house!

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