Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little boy in a big bed

That's my little boy in his big bed. Hard to believe that this little dude is going to be "3" in less than a week! He's been a little under the weather (again!) this week... so it was no surprise that he took an extra long nap today... and didn't even budge when I snuck into his room to check on him... not ONLY with the intention of snapping a picture or two, but also just because I wanted to check on him! :) It's no secret I love watching my kiddos when they are sleeping. He's been doing so well with the bed transition... bedtimes are still a little wild because both the boys are in the room... but at naptime Brayden pretty much goes straight to sleep. He doesn't even leave the room when he wakes up at the end of his nap - he waits for Rob or I to go in and get him (so far). I'm really pleased with how it's going on the whole. It's hard to see my little guy growing up though. The diapers and his baby accent are almost the only remnants of his baby-hood that are left! There are a lot of new babies expected in the family over the next few months though... the first of whom is very likely to arrive on Brayden's 3rd birthday.

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