Thursday, March 05, 2009

March 5

I had to wake Brayden up from his nap today, in the hopes that he'd go to sleep tonight without much drama. He tends to not settle down to sleep very easily at night. But mostly I just can't resist the sleeping baby. So he's not a baby anymore, he's almost 3 (have I mentioned that yet? - ha ha!). When he's sleeping so peacefully, sucking his thumb, holding his blankie... he's my baby. :) In fact, he'll always be my baby. At least until there's another baby.

As for bedtime... well, it was still drama. But at least he seemed to go to sleep faster than "normal."

If I could, I think I'd just sit and watch my babies sleep for at least awhile every day. There is almost nothing better in this world than the sleeping babies. Oh I love it. It erases all the beasty moments, which with Brayden right now, there are plenty of those!

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RobinV said...

Such a sweet moment...I love the sleeping babies too. They will always be our babies.