Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Warmer... warmer!

When Rob got home from work today, the boys were all over him because they didn't see him at all yesterday. In the midst of their playing, a new game was invented. Not sure how it started, but Rob had the boys cover their eyes and count while he hid their blankies. Then it turned into a “warmer, colder” game of directing them to find their blankies. Serious business. The boys on their seperate walls counting struck me as hilarious. The game continued all night! Eventually the boys started hiding their own blankies and having us just "announce" them as they "searched" for the blankies.

You can also see the big red bouncy ball with the handle that I mentioned in yesterday's blog!

Hoping to get a bunch of photos edited and posted up on facebook this week, now that another month is behind us (almost!). We're in the midst of spring break which means theoretically I'm getting a bunch of stuff done and caught up on with my free time (not running to and from and to and from school). I have been getting SOME stuff done but nothing of importance... mostly what I've been doing is avoiding things like grocery shopping, running other miscellaneous errands, cleaning, etc. I WANT to just be lazy (and have been practicing at every opportunity!) but March and April are basically our busiest months so I can't afford to be lazy! Guess in that case I should stop babbling on and go get some stuff done. Like my grocery list for tomorrow. Good times!

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