Saturday, March 21, 2009

NOT my favorite time of day

One of the most frustrating times of the day. Teeth-brushing time. It is a battle every night. Open your mouth, stop moving, don’t swallow the toothpaste, stop moving, stop talking, look forward, keep your tongue in your mouth, STOP MOVING! I pretty much dread teeth brushing time every night and would skip it altogether if I didn’t care about my kids’ dental hygeine. When Rob is home at night, I try to get him to do it instead. And to think I should be doing this twice a day, not just once. Yes I admit it. Our kids only brush their teeth once a day most days. I can't fathom the thought of doing this twice a day until absolutely necessary. Maybe once they are better at brushing their own teeth. Jack refuses at the moment. Brayden tries but doesn't do a very good job. And Jack goes to the dentist regularly and has excellent teeth so I guess we're doing something right. But my oh my. Do I hate brushing teeth.

Not much else to report. Quiet day here. Brought the crib to my mom's basement and helped her with some stuff at her house. Ran some pre-birthday party (next weekend) errands. Tomorrow should be another quiet day too... then the craziness of the next few weeks begins!

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