Sunday, March 08, 2009

Amazing I got this week's layout done on time!

This weekend has been BUSY. Okay I guess we didn't DO much... but while we usually have Daddy around on weekends... he's got a HUGE test tomorrow (Monday) so he's been at school all weekend (Friday too) studying. But between the major life transitions (new sleeping arrangements) and Rob being gone because he was studying... it's FELT really busy! Somehow this morning and this evening I found some time to finish the scrap.

This afternoon Rob took a study break and we headed up north to his sister Katie's house for a birthday get together for Rob's brother Brian and his dad. We had breakfast food, Wii games, and the kids played a couple of rounds of Uno Attack. Jack and Brayden recently learned how to play Uno... a "my first Uno" version of the game... very simple. This "attack" version is more complicated, but still fun. Here are the boys studying their cards. I think it was Brayden's turn here. Uno only lasted awhile though... really all they wanted to do was play the Wii. So imagine their surprise when they found out Grandpa Tom, Rob's dad, got them a Wii for their birthday. As soon as Jack found out he just wanted to come home and play! This is going to be fun... but hard too! It's ALL he wants to do already, and we're going to have some serious limitations which I know aren't going to go over well! Not to mention, I'm starting to get a taste of how expensive this system is... getting the game console is just the beginning! I hope we can prevent ourselves from getting too caught up in it - we really can't afford to!

So now my layout... as always... click the image to see it bigger... a little bigger, anyway. :)
Credits: Kit - Little Bird by Ellie Lash; Fetti Flowers by Misty Cato; Template by M Originals; Font - Expletive Deleted

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Rochelle said...

Adorable layout once again! I really like what you do. I'm also proud of you for keeping it up :-) I hope to make my layout tonight.