Monday, July 20, 2009

So far behind!

Okay in hopes of not falling hopelessly behind, I'm going to do a little bit of catch up tonight at least. :)

Starting with... last Wednesday. This was a good portion of my day on Wednesday. Not quite the blue screen of death, but not good. I was watching a slideshow of a friend's maternity photos when my computer overheated (as it tends to do) and wouldn't restart. It did THIS for almost an hour... scanning for a problem to repair... seemingly getting nowhere. Even when it finished it took a couple of tries to get going again. Sigh....... it is always nerve-wracking when your computer has problems... especially when it is barely 6 months old! And you didn't get the warranty. I really hope it's just an overheating problem.........

One of my favorite views... PAPER! I have a paper addiction. Paper and pens, actually. Goes along with the scrapbook habit. I hit up Hobby Lobby on Thursday because paper was 50% off. Always the best time to stock up! I am caught up to Jack's 6th month in my scrapbooking, which means I'm a little under five years behind still... but making progress! Sadly, I haven't had much time to scrap in the past week because I have had so much else to do... my projects are getting out of control again!

Friday night Rob and I went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Our neighbors offered to watch the boys for us so we could go have a date night. We saw a 6:10pm show and were home to pick up the boys around 9:00. They had a great dinnertime play-date with their neighbor friends, and we thoroughly enjoyed the movie! I really want to re-watch the first 5 movies now... and more than that would love to re-read all the books. I wish I had more time!

Okay that's all for now... hopefully I'll have another batch to catch up with later tonight or tomorrow!

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