Sunday, July 26, 2009

Buffalo, Buffalo!

Okay anyone who has been at Folsom Field for a game knows that's not what we really chant, but that's what we've taught our kids. So when Rob dressed Jack in a CSU t-shirt today, and then we went to the mall, and I walked out of Dillard's to see THIS, how could I not get out my camera?Our trip to Park Meadows today was to run some errands I've needed to do, but of course there was some play time too. Unfortunately, this is about the extend of the "play area" at Park Meadows. It baffles me that as they have been remodeling over the past year or so, they didn't add a play area for the kids. All the other "premiere" malls (and even not-so-premiere!) in the area have them! There are a couple of spots of interest to the kids, but nothing really fun. If nothing else, I appreciate the buffalo.

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