Friday, July 24, 2009

Park and Pool

Among other things, we we ended our week with morning trips to the park and to the pool.

Yesterday was the park. I actually OFFERED to take the boys to the park on Wednesday, and I was met with screaming resistance from Brayden, who just wanted to stay home and play with play-doh. And I didn't feel like taking a screaming child to the park (even though I was fairly sure once we were on our way, he wouldn't be screaming anymore). He actually put up the same fight yesterday, but after disappointing Jack the day before, today was Brayden's turn to be disappointed, and off we went. As I expected, once we were on our way (and I mean literally, in the car, driving... up till that point it was still a battle!) all was fine. And they had a GREAT time at the park. We didn't stay long... just long enough to run off some energy! This particular park has a merry-go-round which the boys thoroughly enjoy spinning each other around on. It seems the merry-go-round has been oiled since last summer, when we could barely get it to move! They also like hanging off the side and letting it drag them around.

Can you tell I took this one with my "bad" camera? :) Today we hit the pool at Lifetime Fitness. We love the pool there because it's zero-entry, which is pretty low-maintenance for a pool trip with kids who don't like to actually SWIM. We met the Gumm's there and as usual all the kids had a great time. Jack and Brayden played with their dive sticks, boats, the basketballs at the pool, and their trucks. As usual, we were wiped out when it was time to go home.

That's it! I'm all caught up again!

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