Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The past three days...

I disappeared again. I have no excuse. I'm becoming a bad blogger. Or maybe I can blame the fact that I was overcome with the need to make my kitchen sparkle... and back up some pictures... and make new computer desktops for myself and two others for the month of July... yeah probably wasn't any of those things. ;-)

So Monday was the day I was bitten by the cleaning bug. I'm not sure how it happened... one minute I was standing in the kitchen stewing over what to do that day. I started wiping down the counters... one thing led to another, and next thing I know I'm pulling out the stove to clean out literally a whole box worth of macaroni noodles that had overtime collected down there. I spent almost the whole day cleaning the kitchen, and believe it or not, it's not sparkling. I think sparkling must be reserved for cleaning services. The amazing thing was that the boys were unfazed by my cleaning frenzy. They played SO WELL together on Monday. This after days of constant arguing and general unrest in the Roe household. Is this God's way of telling me I should clean more often? I think not. However, I did spend some quality time this day with my wonder mop and mop 'n glo. Seriously. WHERE IS THE GLOW!?

In other news, the elder boy in our household, Jack, has all but given up his afternoon nap. Not all the surprising given that he's well into age 5 now. But he's always been that kid who just NEEDS his sleep to re-energize for the second half of the day. He's a sleeper, that one. Yes, he gets up early. But when it's time to sleep, sleep he does. (He's making up for the fact that for the first 5 months of his life he would not sleep unless being bounced on the end of the bed, swaddled up like a burrito, sucking on a pinkie becuase he wouldn't take a paci, while we went "shh shh shh" over and over with static playing on the radio). Anyway... we converted his "nap" time into "quiet" time about two years ago... that is, he sits in his room or ours or the playroom for an hour or two with books or toys or games and his favorite cds playing. Still, I'd say 90% of the time he'd fall asleep anyway. Until recently. He hardly ever falls asleep anymore. Which is fine. But on those days he IS tired... there's a good chance I'll find him like THIS on the couch when I come downstairs after putting the little guy down for his nap. Like I did yesterday. So cute.

Last on tonight's agenda. Today the boys had dentist appts. This was just a regular 6-month clean and check for Jack, but it was Brayden's first formal dentist appointment! Another milestone... the little guy is growing up (and way too fast, I might add). We started prepping them a few days ago, and then last night read the "going to the dentist" book with Brayden. Oddly, my kids are EXCITED to go to the dentist. No clue where they get that from. But I'll roll with it as long as it lasts! Jack went first, and the hygenist explained everything she was doing for Brayden's benefit, and he watched very intently through the whole cleaning! Brayden was more than ready to hop in the chair for his turn when Jack was done! And he did great! He was a super star at holding his mouth open, following instructions, and he has a mouth full of clean, cavity-free teeth to boot! Both of the boys do - yay! Check that one off the list for another six months, thank you very much.

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