Monday, July 27, 2009

Lakefront property

Bet 'cha didn't know we live on prime, lakefront property, did ya? Oh wait. We don't. Our little townhome faces a valley-like courtyard. And when it rains hard and fast, that valley of a courtyard quickly turns into a lake! Today was no exception. The rain came on right around 4pm and within minute, we had a lake in our front "yard." (I use the term "yard" very loosely, considering it's really community property). There is a drain on one end of the courtyard which cannot handle the sheer volume of rain that comes down as quickly as it sometimes comes down. Hence, the lake. It goes up fast, and thankfully it recedes and drains just like it's supposed too, not long after the rain stops. But for a few minutes... we get to feel like we live on a lake.


The Martin's said...

That's what the bottom of our hill looks like when it rains! Allee and Aston love swimming in it with the ducks when it happens.

Danielle said...

Apparently one of our neighbors swam through our lake the other night - gross!