Monday, July 13, 2009

Cute boys

Sunday we were invited to attend Kendra's 5th birthday party - Kendra is Jack's school friend/girlfriend, and he was the only person from school she invited! The two of them are so cute together! The party was at a gymnastics gym, and the kids just had an absolute ball running around like crazy! Brayden especially was just in his ELEMENT, it was the perfect place for a little monkey like him! They had a little obstacle course set up for the kids to run through which was a serious hit... once again, especially for Brayden! He ran through that course over and over again, long after eveyone else was done with that part! It didn't take very long for both boys to be completely drenched in sweat and flushed hot pink. They loved every second of it. The party confirmed for us that Brayden definitely needs to be enrolled in some kind of gymnastics class to work off all that energy! And don't you like that little leg pose he's doing??? :)

Tonight just as I was serving dinner, this little guy said he had a tummy ache. Not sure what that was all about... but he wasn't very interested in eating. He was more interested in laying on the couch and asked me to come rub his tummy. So when I finished my dinner, I did go rub his tummy. Which made him sooo happy. Does thist look like someone who has a tummy ache, or someone who just wanted a little extra attention this evening? Cutie. :)

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