Sunday, July 05, 2009

Holiday weekend

I think I'm only three days behind - again. Blame the holiday weekend. ;-)

Friday night Rob and I went out on our usual date - Toys R Us for something for the boys, Rio for dinner, then Kohl's for something for me. ;-) This was our birthday present from my mom - dinner and babysitting. So we snapped a quick picture outside the restaurant after our fab (as always) dinner. Especially fab - NO WAIT! That never happens at Rio on Friday night! I could seriously eat there EVERY SINGLE DAY. Love it.

Saturday was the big holiday! One of our neighbors organized a bike parade for our little group of kids that hangs out all of the time. They decorated their bikes and scooters and then rode around the whole neighborhood. They had SO MUCH FUN. It was topped off with popsicles. Does it get any better to a bunch of little kids? I think not. I got the patriotic boys to pose for a couple of pictures... can you tell who is more into it?We spent the late afternoon and evening with the Gumm's - at Travis' parents' house. They have a great view from their driveway of a fireworks display in Lakewood. The boys were a little overwhelmed by the serious (illegal) fireworks the guys were shooting off, Brayden had a little "incident" involving too much milk and vomit, and then they were sort of underwhelmed by the actual fireworks display (which was pretty good!)... but overall it was a good time. I think they were just pooped by the end of the night... as evidenced by both of them crashing into the car, and barely waking up to get upstairs to bed. Thankfully, we brought their jammies with us so they indeed could just go straight to bed!

And today... kept the action going with my mom's birthday. We celebrated this morning with brunch at her house... the three sibs, spouses, and kids. It's getting quite crowded at these family get togethers! Brunch was delish (as always). I think my mom's favorite gift was her cuddle time with baby Carter... he sure love his Grandma! (Of course, I got in some cuddle time, too!). Happy birthday Momma! We're glad you were born! :)

Tomorrow we are embarking upon a family vacation - or "staycation" as they are called - a little in-state trip to Colorado Springs. Plans include sight-seeing at Garden of the Gods, a trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, eating out, and playing at the pool. Not sure if I'll be posting or not while I'm gone, but hopefully I'll have fun pictures when I get back!

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