Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brown-eyed boy

Usually it is Brayden who is noticed for his big brown eyes, but Jack has them too! And he showed them off quite nicely as he stopped in front of the camera for a second outside tonight and peeked up at me from under his hood! Photo buffs - can you believe I got this at 1/15 sec? I saw how slow my shutter speed was and was SURE I'd get subject blur but somehow we both managed to stay still enough to get this amazingly tack sharp on the eyes picture! Wowzers! Anyway... today was mostly gloomy and rainy on and off... but the boys still wanted to go outside and play... so after dinner they put on their shoes and sweatshirts and we sent them out to play and watched through the window. :) They were super hyper so it was good to let them run off some of that energy! Amazingly, it was while running around like a madman that Jack stopped and let me snap this one!

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