Saturday, July 11, 2009


Yesterday we had McDonald's for lunch. (Yes, we had fast food two times yesterday - eek!). For once, we managed to talk the boys into trying Daddy's cheeseburger (they are "chicken and fries" boys). They both liked it - especially Brayden! Now Jack eats hamburgers normally (well, since this summer, anyway!), but Brayden only ever eats just the bun. So when Brayden started asking for his own cheeseburger as soon as lunch was done yesterday, we were skeptical. We had planned to grill last night but our trip to the pool went long so we ended up grabbing Chick-fil-A. Brayden was not happy. All day today he continued to ask over and over again for a cheeseburger! Finally we grilled tonight for dinner and Brayden got his much anticipated cheeseburger! Much to our surprise, he ate it right up! Not ALL of it... but most of it! (Unlike Jack who also wanted cheese, but then once it was made with cheese, decided he didn't like cheese on his burger after all). Here's the little guy and his cheeseburger in all its glory! :)

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