Friday, July 10, 2009

Ice Cream

Rob and I are total suckers for ice cream. It's a serious weakness. It has been as long as we've been together. I know my personal ice cream weakness began when living with Castara who is a huge ice cream fan as well. We'd just sit and devour pints of ice cream... because we could. Ahhh... the days of our youth and good metabolisms! :) Anyway, for some reason we very rarely give the boys ice cream... in fact they don't have much in the way of candy and sweets at all. They usually get one "treat" a day, if they eat a good dinner and behave like good boys. Often times, that treat is just a couple of M&M's. That said, ice cream is a serious treat for them. This afternoon we went to the pool, and then to Chick-fil-A with Aunt Sarah and Kate. We got home later than planned so given the need for a bath, and a good night's sleep for baseball in the morning, we had to cancel the boys' much anticipated movie night. To make up for it, they got ice cream. Neither of them said a thing about skipping movie night. :)

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