Thursday, July 09, 2009

Parking lot

After kind of a break from playing with hot wheels all of the time, the boys have a renewed obsession with their parking lots. Back when Brayden was a baby and used to get into all of Jack's stuff, Jack would climb over the gate at the bottom of the stairs and set up his cars on the stairs so he could have some space from his little brother. He'd also set cars up on the countertop where Brayden couldn't reach. The countertop parking lots stopped two Christmases ago... when we set up the decorations we told Jack he couldn't park cars up there anymore, and thankfully that habit never re-started. However he still really enjoys playing cars on the stairs. Now that the gate is gone, the boys set cars up together on the stairs... they each have their own stair (or two or three) that they'll set cars up on. This was the view from the bottom of the stairs this morning. Complete with feet sticking out around the corner.

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