Saturday, July 18, 2009


Yup, that's been our week. Not to say we haven't done anything, but I've really lacked in the department of taking interesting pictures. The boys hung out with Aunt Sarah and Kate on Wednesday while I went to the dentist, Thursday we had a playdate with the Gumm's, and Friday we hung out at the pool with the Easter's. And I did not take a single picture of any of this fun-ness! :) Therefore, I have been unmotivated when it comes to editing the lame photos I DID take, and then putting them in my P365 layout. Today again... with baseball this morning and my "girl's day" with my BFF, still no fun pictures. Sigh..... I'm in another funk!

Nonetheless, I will attempt to take a good picture tomorrow, and then catch up and post the pix from the past few days that I did take... good or not! :)

Just thought I'd check in though. :)

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