Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Caught up on pictures - check.

Well I haven't picked today's photo yet, but up till today, I'm caught up on photos, as of this post. :)

This past Saturday we had our usual baseball game, which resulted in some mediocre photos by me... followed by an awesome girl's day with my best friend, during which I took no photos. So I'm cheating again for the weekend, and using two pictures from Sunday.

Sunday morning we went to Kidspree in Aurora - a free even with lots of vendors hosting games and prizes and activities for kids. It was HOT HOT HOT, but the boys had fun. Their favorite part was the bus ride from the mall parking lot to the park... but they had fun at the park, too. One particular booth Brayden really enjoyed involved - of course - dress up. But instead of dressing up as a princess, this time he dressed up as a blade of grass at the "Wildly Beautiful" booth. He also got to strut down the catwalk - super cute. Jack dressed up as a Preying Mantis but wasn't nearly as excited about it. :)

Then Sunday evening I had the awesome opportunity to take maternity photos for my brother Chris and his super cute wife, Sarah. With my sweet little niece Kate, too. As an aspiring photographer I love chances to practice different kind of photo shoots, and maternity is one I've never done before! Lucky for me I had great models, who I happen to adore! I thoroughly enjoyed photographing them and got some great shots, if I do say so myself! More of my favorites are posted on Facebook! Thanks Chris and Sarah for trusting me with this task!

Brayden was super cute during his naptime on Monday. After reading him stories and settling him into his bed, he decided he wanted all of his dogs to lay on the pillows with him and have a slumber party. So he carefully lined up all of his dogs, and then added some of his zoo animals as well. Soon there was no room left for him. So he scooted some of the dogs out of the way to make room for himself, and I tucked him in between his animals. I planned to sneak back in toward the end of his nap to sneak a picture... hopefully before he woke up. Success! He'd wiggled his way out from under the covers (thank goodness - it's hot in there! But he insists on having covers!) but was still nestled in between his dogs and other animals.

Over the past week or so Jack has developed a new favorite activity - word searches! I think it started on our little trip to Colorado Springs - one of the kids menus had a word search and rather than just coloring the letters, he actually wanted to try and find the words. Since then we picked up a free kid's activity word search from Michael's and received an activity book from Grandma with word searches in it. Then at Kidspree on Sunday, one of Jack's prizes was an activity book with yet another word search in it, and he got one from the dentist booth there as well. He's been hard at work on the word searches almost every day - it's so cute!

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