Wednesday, June 17, 2009

While I was away...

Rob had a poker party. I think he was more excited for his poker party than I was for his trip to Vegas. In attendance were his brothers, one of my brothers, and a few other friends. Apparently there was a scheme to play a joke on him leading up to the party. At least Kelly was involved, but he will not reveal his co-conspirators. Rob has his guesses.

The joke? Car art. As part of Kelly's work he can make these car sticker/decals, and he created (and laboriously applied, one letter at a time, during the course of the night) this message just for Rob's car. All phrases Rob's brothers used to make fun of him (as a child) for saying. Rob didn't see it until Saturday morning, pulling out of the garage in the van, taking Jack to baseball practice. He kept it on the car for me to see when I got home. He is already plotting his revenge.

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