Monday, June 22, 2009

Jeep ride and Tuckered out

We spent most of the afternoon on Father's Day at the Gumm's house. First was Ashlee's 4th birthday party, then we had a low key post-party BBQ just for our two families. The afternoon together ended with a jeep ride. Jaxon and Ashlee have motorized jeeps and have been dying to take Jack and Brayden on a jeep ride for some time now. So the dad's chaperoned a jeep ride around the neighborhood while the mom's headed inside to do some clean up from the party and just chat. The boys of course LOVED the jeep ride.

There's no better way to tucker the boys out than a trip to the pool. It's almost a guarantee that on pool days they will come home exhausted and crash hard. Today we took our first trip to the pool of the summer, since the outside pool at the gym has been open. The boys were so excited, and had a great time. And sure enough, by the time we got home they were completely wiped out and did indeed crash hard. I had to wake both of them up, and Brayden especially did not want to wake up. He was so cute, fully tuckered out in his bed. The only bad part... I didn't take a nap too, and I am still exhausted!

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