Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Caught up on pictures... end of school picnic!

Yesterday was Jack's end of the school year picnic at a cool park in Aurora. Unfortunately, it was kind of a windy and slightly gloomy and cool day, so it wasn't the BEST time. We still enjoyed oursevles though. Jack got to play with all his school buddies, and we got pictures with his teachers and girlfriend. (That's a whole other story!) One of the features of this park was a water fountain area for playing in. Most of the MOMS agreed that it was too cold for playing in the water, but the kids were not deterred! I told Jack and Brayden that if they wanted to play in the water, that was the last thing we'd be doing, then we'd head home. I knew they'd be freezing their tails off and would need to get into the hot (from the sun) car to warm up. Well they were good with that, and had a fantastic time playing in the water for quite awhile, until the cold caught up with them. We can't wait to go back on a warmer day!

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