Wednesday, June 17, 2009


First a confession. Since my trip... I REALLY haven't wanted to take any pictures. I've FORCED myself. Consequently, I'm getting FORCED shots, not the great ones I dream about. I've been home for 3+ days and I'm still exhausted. Am I really still recovering???

Anyway. We played outside this morning and this afternoon... ahhhh... summer vacation. Granted, I'm already over the whole summer vacation after being asked 30 times in 45 minutes if it was snack time yet, and then 100 times in 30 mins if we could go outside yet. But I digress. The boys brought the bubbles out on the front porch this afternoon. Brayden's line at the moment is that he needs a big chair to blow bubbles. Like he can't blow bubbles UNLESS he's in a big chair. I tried to talk him into using a Brayden-sized chair this afternoon, and he relented, especially when he realized he COULD blow big bubbles on a small chair. Of course then Jack needed a chair for bubble blowing, too. So there they sat, on their matching chairs, blowing bubbles. Couple of goofs! Especially in their matching firetruck shirts - which they picked out.

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