Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Entourage and First baseball game

This is my entourage. They follow me everywhere. If I go upstairs to get dressed, they come too. They hop up on my bed, turn on some cartoons, make themselves comfortable, and wait for me to finish. When I'm done, the follow me back downstairs again. And ask for a snack. Followed by, "where are we going today, Mommy?"

Saturday morning was Jack's first baseball game. The whole thing was pretty chaotic since these 4-6 year olds had only had two semi-organized practices up to this point, and didn't quite have any idea what they were doing. There was essentially one-on-one coaching... each child's parent close by telling them what to do, where to go, etc etc. A parent was stationed on every base (one from each team!) directing their respective teams what to do. Parents were scattered throughout the infield and outfield. The kids who didn't have parents standing near them telling them what to do just kind of stood around, aimlessly looking around, sometimes running after a ball, trying hard to pay attention to the game, but generally being distracted, as 4-6 years olds are. This was Jack when his team was in the outfield until I finally went and joined him and gave him some direction about what to do... for instance... if the ball is hit waaaayyyy over to your right or left, you don't have to try and get that one. The kids over there can get it. If it comes toward you, that's when you run for it. It was so funny watching 10 kids run after the same ball every time there was a hit. I managed eventually to get Jack only to run after the balls hit his way, and he did a great job fielding three balls during his team's time in the outfield! Overall, the way it was set up was great... each of the kids had a turn at bat in each "inning." They each took at most three pitches from the coach, and if they couldn't hit those, the tee came out. So every kid got a hit. And then even if they were "out" at first base (which was rare because few of the kids were together enough to field the ball and get it to first base before the runner made it there) they stayed on base and ran the bases as each next batter hit. The rules of the game weren't exactly followed, obviously, but the set up was great for teaching the actual flow of a game and what you are supposed to do, where you are supposed to go, and when. Jack enjoyed himself immensely, and I think he learned a lot.

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