Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Adventures in painting and firetrucks

Yesterday Jack brought home a painting from school, which he painted for Rob for Father's day. So he hid the picture as soon as he got home to save for Daddy's special day. Of course, when Brayden learned of the special painting and especially HIDING the special painting, HE needed to paint Daddy a secret Father's Day picture, too. Now waiting till after naptime to paint this picture was nearly unbearable... in fact he basically didn't nap in anticipation of painting later. So here's the little man painting his secret picture for Daddy. He had a little bit of a harder time with the secret hiding part though... he gave it to Daddy as soon as he was home from work. :)

This morning at the grocery store, there happened to be two firemen in line behind us. And after riding the horse and leisurely making our way out, the firemen were right behind us again as we hit the parking lot, and had to stop for Brayden to stare at the firetruck. Lucky Brayden... one of the firemen invited him to come check out the firetruck even closer. Brayden was just beside himself - shy and excited! Then the firemen let him "drive" the firetruck! A little boy's dream! Thanks to my new big purse, I had my camera with me... and when I said to the firemen that I DID have my camera, would they mind if I snapped a photo... they got a good laugh at the monster I whipped out of my purse. :) The captain also had me climb up and took a picture of me with Brayden. It was great! The sad part of the whole thing being that I hadn't changed the white balance on my camera from the pictures I was taking last night, so all the pictures turned out blue. ACK! I put in some photoshop practice to try and get the blue out and this is the best I could do with my limited experience! Better... but still not great.

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