Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week 25 Layout

Well I'm plugging along, and here's another layout. Getting the weekly/daily work for these layouts done has become burdensome for me... probably a combination of disorganization of supplies and just the repetitiveness and my inability to have a creative breakthrough. HOWEVER. I am committed, and I will persevere. I've made it almost halfway through the year, I won't give up now! So here you go, week 25 - click to see slightly enlarged.

Credits: Kit is Sun Porch by Amy Teets; Template is by Red Leaf DigiScrapping; weekday tags from Project 365 freebie by Studio Tangie; Font is DaunPehn


Rochelle said...

That is absolutely adorable!!! And i noticed that it's from the Sun Porch kit. I just downloaded that this afternoon. So cute. Keep it up! I love your layouts :-)

Danielle said...

Thanks Rochelle! Yup - Sun Porch! Did you get it from Shabby Princess's site? I love the freebies there! I use freebies for almost all my digiscraps!