Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Library day

Credit to Rob for the first time in awhile for taking today's photo. He says... "Sorry I suck at taking pictures." I think this one is good! He says he was trying to be creative. I think it worked, don't you? Anyway, today was library day. We headed to the Parker library to return a batch of books we have had for literally months. I don't think the boys were tired of all of them, but I was. As usual, we probably could have left the library with twice as many books as we did, and we came home with at least 20. All that damage done in probably 15 mins or less! I can literally say that after we got home, I spent most of the rest of the day (that the boys were awake and not eating or watching a show) reading the new books to them. Especially Jack - he wanted to read them ALL - over and over - he just soaks them up.

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