Monday, June 08, 2009

Catching up part 1... the Master and movie night

Last Thursday Rob participated in (and I attended, with my mom and his parents) his graduate hooding ceremony. At this ceremony, all of the Master's candidates at the Daniels College of Business (at the University of Denver) received their masters hoods (to wear with their cap and gown during the graduation ceremony to follow the next day... and all graduation ceremonies they ever participate in from here on out). It was kind of long and drawn out, but it was still cool and exciting for Rob to get his hood. Before and after the ceremony, I took some pictures of him - corporate head shots was the idea. Got some good ones, some funny ones, and this is our favorite "serious" one. Congrats Hunny! And since this is several days after the fact, and today just HAPPENS to be your birthday too... happy birthday Hunny!

Our family has also developed a new tradition... Friday night movie night. I'm not sure what the boys like more... the movies, or the fact that we let them have lollipops. We've rented a few movies we'd never seen before (by rent, I mean, checked out from the library), and we've watched old favorites too. Pretty much doesn't matter what we watch, they want to change into their jammies, have lollipops, and watch a movie. And maybe they'll get through half of the movie before losing interest, but they want to do it every week anyway. Usually Rob and I sit and watch with them, but last week I got wrapped up in sweeping/hosing out our garage, so I missed the movie. Which is okay. Because it was Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas... which we've seen a million times before. :)

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