Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend catch up!

So clearly things have been a bit nutty here, so I've been absent. Didn't stop taking pix though, so it's catch up time!

FRIDAY: Rob finished his part-time career as a graduate student with his last class on Wednesday. To celebrate, my mom came over to babysit and he and I went out on a date! We actually have TIME for that now (no more studying!)... not that we can afford it, but we have TIME! :) So we went to our favorite place the Rio for drinks, then went and played some mini-golf next door, and went back to the Rio for dinner. And it was a good thing we had those drinks before mini-golf because it was the LAMEST MINI GOLF COURSE EVER! Oh my goodness. There were no features, obstacles, or anything else of interest. Just some small hills and fake sand traps. That said, we were both still way over par. The course did, however, have a sign to direct us to the next hole... ya know, just in case we got lost or something. All in all we had a great night, and of course are so happy that Rob is done with school!!!

SATURDAY: Our boys NEVER sleep in. They are generally up sometime in the 6 o'clock hour every morning, sometimes early, rarely later. So imagine our surprise when at 8:30am on Saturday morning we woke to find the boys were both still in bed. Sleeping. Granted, Jack woke up at 5:00am needing help finding his stuffed dogs, and Brayden woke up at that time too, then came into bed to cuddle with me for a few minutes at 6:00am. And after that we assumed they'd gone downstairs to watch TV. But in fact, Brayden went BACK to bed and BACK to sleep after this little visit. Rob got up at 8:30 feeling guilty for leaving them alone downstairs for so long, and woke me up when he discovered they were still asleep. So I went to look in on them too, and that woke Jack up - but oh well! It was still a nice lie-in. Then Rob ultimately woke Brayden up at 9:30am. But not before I snapped some pictures of the pooped out cutie. It was bliss!

SUNDAY: Today was a mostly low key day filled with a lot of cleaning by me, and playing by all the boys. Then late in the afternoon we decided to take a walk over to the school down the road and play on the playground with our neighbor Marcelo and his mom. Rob was trying to get Brayden to climb this climbing wall, but I thought it was probably a little too steep for him. Well, he proved me wrong and zipped right up without a second thought. Little monkey.

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